An LLL compiler for Python.

LLL (Low-level Lisp-like Language) is a smart contract programming language for the Ethereum blockchain. It seeks to provide a thin, human-readable layer over the atomic operations that occur during execution of a smart contract on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

LLL is available in various flavors as a stand-alone language and is also used as an IR (intermediate representation) during compilation of contracts written in the Vyper smart contract language. The py-lll project implements the variety of LLL used as an IR by Vyper.

This project is intended to provide the following:

  • A compiler for contracts written in LLL
  • Documentation of LLL and its features
  • A maximally transparent and maintainable implementation of LLL
  • A flavor of LLL useful as an IR for higher-level smart contract languages

To fulfill these goals, py-lll favors simplicity over expressiveness.

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